U-Store Secure Self Storage Rooms

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“Our high storage rooms mean we’re 50% less than the rest“

Our storage and self store rooms measure: 7ft wide x 11ft long x 11ft high / 77 square feet
847 cubic feet / 24 cubic metres

Rate: £25 + VAT £5 + Insurance £2.50

Total Charge £32.50 p/w*

Payable 4 weekly in advance minimum.

Self Storage in Eastbourne

Seeking a storage solution in Eastbourne?

Mark Ratcliffe Moving Ltd offer more than just removals. We offer Secure Self Storage Rooms to rent for customers who prefer to deposit / remove their own goods to / from store. We offer various sized secure storage in Eastbourne, East Sussex with our most popular size storage units being 77 sqft which equates to 850 cubic feet / 24 cubic metres. We rent this size room at £30 plus vat per week.

Offering reliable storage, this is also a perfect solution for when you're moving house and your new location isn't quite ready for your or your storage yet but you need to vacate your previous property.

As our secure storage solutions are much higher than our local competitors our charges are over 50% less than the rest. Our opening hours are Mon - Sat 08.30 - 17.00 or by appointment for any other time including Sundays. A 24/7 Service is available for our Self Storage Units Customers so you can come and go at your convenience.

You are welcome to call in anytime to view our storage facilities and satisfy yourself that your valuable possessions will be stowed in a secure, damp free, clean environment and you being the only key holder with great access for loading / unloading. You can rely on us to keep your belongings safe and in great condition for as long as you may need.

208 Seaside, Eastbourne BN22 7QS 01323 644207